Petalos 2010 – Bierzo, Spain

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Petalos 2010 – Bierzo, Spain

Bierzo is a small appellation located in the northwest of Spain. It produces wines that are more similar to those made in Galicia than the region to which it is attached: Old Castile. It was in the 1990s, with the help from a small group of winemaker, that the name of Bierzo began to shine. They were sure that all the elements were there to make good quality wines. The Mencia (the main grape variety of the appellation) is able to generate a fruity and well balanced wine.

Among those pioneers, there was Alvaro Palacios. The well-known winemaker, has several vineyards in Bierzo, Rioja and Priorat. In 1989, following his studies in Bordeaux and his lessons learned with the Moueix family, he decided to help the winemaker René Barbier in his project to start a new winery in Priorat. A few years later, Alvaro and his nephew Ricardo Perez founded the vineyard Descendientes J. Palacios and began to produce wine in Bierzo. They produce several excellent wines, including Petalos.

This wine has a medium intensity garnet color. On the nose, we have a lot of red fruit, spices, floral aromas(violet and rose) as well as dust, which is far from unpleasant. The soft and silky tannins and the acidity give a nice balance to this wine. It has a good structure and a pleasant and long red fruit finish.


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