Vin Gris de Cigare 2012 – Central Coast, USA

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Vin Gris de Cigare 2012 – Central Coast, USA

What do the following colors have in common: red, white, pink, green, yellow and gray? We know the first three colors: red wine, white wine and pink wine, so no need to have further explanation. The green color refers to Vihno Verde from Portugal who is very popular in his youth, during which it has a greenish tint. Yellow wine is a style of wine produced in Jura (this will be a topic of another article). Gray wine actually does not have a gray color but more a pinkish color of low intensity. This wine is made by direct pressing without maceration to avoid a too long contact with skin. When we find the term “gris de gris” on the label, this indicates that it was developed according to the latter method, but using only gray varieties such as Cinsault and Grenache Gris. Like many experts, I classify the gray wines in the family of pink wines.

Here’s my suggestions as an introduction to pink wines: Vin Gris de Cigare 2012. This wine has a salmon pink color with some low intensity light gray tint. On the nose we have berries (strawberry, raspberry) with some citrus aromas and a good minerality. The acidity is very nice and we have a lovely balance. This wine is the perfect drink for 5 @ 7 on the terrace.


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